In Arizona again

By gregebersole

July 21, 2015

Category: Travel

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I’ve been in Arizona for awhile now. I drove here from Washington state through Idaho and Nevada, a different route. I didn’t like it. Driving on US 93 south through Nevada was boring. There were long stretches between gas stations. Once, I nearly ran out of gas. There were long times where there were very few cars on the highway. The photo was taken after I just stopped the car on the road, got out and took a few pics. No cars anywhere. When I eventually got to Las Vegas, the traffic was horrible. It was so heavy. I was so stressed out. Souped up cars were screaming past me on both sides. When I got to Phoenix, I hit rush hour and had slow, heavy traffic. I was finally so glad to get to Mesa and be done with highway driving.

In Mesa, I’ve been staying with my son, Dylan, his wife, Mary and their two sons, Alan and Andrew. So far, I’ve looked at several houses. I haven’t found anything yet that seemed right. For awhile I’ve had seller’s remorse. I’ve been depressed about selling my house, knowing that I won’t find anything like it here. I will probably have to settle for a manufactured home, which isn’t perfect and not what I had in mind. But, I don’t want to get something where I have to take out a loan and make monthly payments. I want to get something that I can buy with cash. I think that way I will be able to take off easier when I want to. I am resigned to just get something that has enough space and that I can accept as my home. I want an extra bedroom for guests and space to set up my desk and have room for my photography stuff, books and music. I hope to be gone 4 to 6 months out of the year and living abroad somewhere. I hope that works out. Things feel a little unsettled right now. Tomorrow, I will look at some more places that I found online. I have been working with a realtor. She has been driving me to different places to show me them. I hope I have some good luck soon.


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  1. I thought your Miata was totaled. Or did you get another one?

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