I have a new home!

By gregebersole

July 29, 2015

Category: Travel

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In just a little over 2 months ago, I left my home in Cali, Colombia. The goal was to sell my house in Longview, Wa. and get a place in Mesa, Arizona. I have done that. Things have moved so fast that it’s been amazing. I looked at 12 houses or more in the past week or so in the area near where my son and family live. I finally found one that seemed right for me. It’s only a 14 minute walk from their home. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has a little porch outside the front door with a table and chairs. It looks like a great place to sit with my coffee and breakfast. The second bedroom will be for guests. There has been a lot of paperwork involved in getting this house. I had to pay an inspector to go over the home. He found quite a few things that needed to be fixed. I was stressed out, wondering if the seller would agree to pay for the repairs. I didn’t want to start looking all over again for another house if he refused. Two days ago, he agreed to have the repairs done and signed the paperwork. I signed them today and, now, the workmen can fix the things that needed to be done. Next, I will need to fly to Portland, Oregon, around the 9th or 10th of August, and then go to Longview. There, I will load up a rental truck with my stuff and drive it to Arizona. My brother has offered to fly out and help me with the drive back. That will be great. The house I’m buying had a 94 yr. old woman living there. Some of the furniture is being left in the house. Whatever I don’t want, I will eventually sell or give away. I can’t wait to make the place my place, get my artwork up and framed photos on the walls. I will be so happy to hear my music again. I have so many albums and cds that I haven’t listened to in many years. I will only have a couple of weeks to move stuff in and get half way organized before I need to drive to Colorado. My friend, Liceth, from Colombia will be coming out on the last day of August and staying for a week. I’ll be showing her a lot of the state’s beautiful mountains. I may stay in Colorado most of the month. Anyway, I am so relieved that things went so fast this summer. My main goal was to sell my house and buy another. That was successfully accomplished. I had planned on several changes for this year. More to come.

The photo is of the Superstition Mountains close by.


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