Taking a rest

By gregebersole

August 6, 2015

Category: Travel


In downtown Mesa, Arizona, there’s this pink chair. I decided I needed a rest. There are actually various sculptures and interesting things along the main street there. There is also a light rail that goes from there to downtown Phoenix. Someday, I hope to ride it.

I’ve found that selling a home in one state and buying a home in another and then planning the move is quite stressful. It’s not easy. There is a lot of paperwork and forms to sign from the realtors in each state. I need to close bank accounts, change my mailing address and to eventually get a new driver’s license and car registration in the new state. I’ve needed to reserve a rental truck for the move. Next week, I will move my belongings out of storage and then drive them in the truck to Arizona. My brother will be helping me with the loading and the driving. There is my closing date in Washington next week and then my closing date in Arizona on the 21st. I’ve been trying to make sure all the money will be in my Washington bank and ready to be wired to the Arizona title company in time for the closing on my new house there. Some nights, I seem to lie awake for long time and just think of everything that needs to be done. It was so much easier to just pack up and leave for Colombia and live there for most of the year in each of the past 5 years. Hopefully, after the move and after things get settled down, the stress will be gone that option to live in Colombia or somewhere else for several months each year will still be feasible. 2015 is a year for a lot of changes!


2 Responses to “Taking a rest”

  1. Selling and buying a house is stressful enough but then add on top that you’re buying and moving out of state and you’ve got a heavier load there but, it was be in the past soon and settled you’ll be and roaming once again with a home base to call home!

  2. That’s the idea, Caroline.

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