The move

By gregebersole

August 17, 2015

Category: Travel

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The last two weeks have been a blur. I flew from Mesa, Az. to Portland, Oregon on Aug. 8. On Aug. 11, I picked up my brother, Ken, at the airport. We then drove to Vancouver, where we picked up a Penske rental truck. We drove directly to my storage unit in Longview and started loading the truck with my belongings. In the afternoon, I had my closing on the house and had an appointment with my insurance agent. By the time I returned to the storage unit, Ken had already finished loading the truck and was anxious to head down the road already. We then went to the home of Gary Oyers, where I’d been staying and picked up my stuff there. We then started our trip and drove about 3 hours before stopping at a motel for the night. We got up early the next morning, had breakfast and started driving again, switching off every 3 or 4 hours. We stopped for the night again and drove the next day, reaching Mesa by close to 4 p.m. That evening, Ken, my son, Dylan and I unloaded the truck into my new home in about 2 hours. I’m paying the seller to store my stuff there for a week before I can legally move in, after they receive my payment for the house. The trip was long and a little stressful. I didn’t like driving the large truck through heavy traffic in the cities. I was thankful to have Ken help me with the driving and loading and unloading the truck. He did so much to make it easy for me. I figured out that the trip, including truck rental, cost me about $1,510.00. Lately, it seems that my money is leaving very fast. I think within a month, I have spent about $3,625. That money includes repairs to my Longview home as required by the home inspector, the fee for the inspector in Mesa to check the new home and repairs to my car here, including a new radiator and catalytic converter. I keep thinking about how simple my life was in Colombia. I hope that things will began to settle down soon. But, I still have new insurance policies for home and car to deal with. More money to spend. I’m thinking by late November, I may have to find a part time job and build up my bank account again. But, before that I have a few trips left to do. I plan to drive to Colorado on the 26th of this month, stopping in Albuquerque for the night, then getting to my sister’s place the next day. On the 31st, my Cali friend, Liceth, flies in to Denver and we plan to travel for a week in the mountains around the state. Then, in October, I fly to Indiana for a college alumni reunion and a reunion with my cousins and an aunt and uncle from my mom’s side of the family. Then, in November, I still have plans to travel to Cuba for a week or two. I had planned for a lot of changes in 2015, and they are happening.

The photo shows Ken at the wheel of the rental truck.


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