Arizona resident

By gregebersole

September 15, 2015

Category: Travel

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I’m finally taking time to make a post. I am an official resident of Arizona now. Last month, I got a driver’s license and car registration and registered to vote. One less vote for the crazy, compassionate, nonintellectual, right wingers. I have been in my house for awhile. I am unpacking boxes little by little and going through everything to see what I can give away or throw in the trash. I have already filled up the trash dumpster several times. I have been cleaning drawers, cabinets, shelves, etc. I finally have some of my artwork up and on display. It feels so strange for me to unpack after 6 years of having my belongings in storage and, basically, living out of a suitcase and backpack for that time. At times, I pace back and forth in the living room, wondering what I’m doing. It’s already been 4 months since I’ve left Cali, Colombia. I keep feeling like it’s time to go back. Yesterday, I wrote the woman in my house in Cali, asking her if the rooms were all full. She wrote back and said they are not and that my room is still waiting for me. It’s tempting to go back. Maybe, next January or February. Who knows? I miss so many things about Colombia. My neighborhood is so quiet and boring in the evening. There is nowhere close to get some good food on the street.I miss the lively street life in Cali. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get the house fixed and size down my belongings. I want to be able to take off and travel when I want to. Today, I hope to get my bike to the bike shop to get it ready to ride. After 6 years of flat tires and in storage, it needs to be lubricated and maybe, a set of new tires. I’m anxious to ride it again. So, for now, I’m trying to fit into life in Mesa, Arizona. But, I also find myself listening to my salsa cds loud. It makes me feel better.

The photo shows my house I bought. I wanted something inexpensive that I could buy with cash. I have no monthly payments now. My expenses each month should be reasonable. The house has enough space for me. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. I will have one available as a guest room. It has a porch where I will set a table and chairs to sit outside in the morning and enjoy my breakfast. It also has a storage shed. It’s not as beautiful as the little house that I had in Longview, Wa., but it serves my needs.


One Response to “Arizona resident”

  1. Good to get your news, Greg. My great Aunt Ruby lived in Mesa many years. I have fond memories of seeing her there.

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