By gregebersole

October 12, 2015

Category: Travel

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I just spent about a week in Indiana. I attended my college class reunion in Goshen, Ind. I also went to our Yoder reunion in Middlebury. I have one aunt and uncle still living and farming. They are both 91 years old. Aunt Mabel is the last of my mom’s sisters still alive. Uncle Russell still gets on his tractor and does work on the farm. I stayed with my friends, Fred and Karen Paff. Fred was in my college study/service trimester in Costa Rica. One evening, 4 of the 6 guys in the group were together with other friends. The four were, my brother, Ken, Galen Hershberger, Fred and I. Out of our group of 25 or so, we hung out together most of the time in San José. The other half of the trimester was spent in different locations on work assignments. It was fun to talk about our experiences again. Besides my time visiting friends and relatives, I found time to go into the country and get some photos of the Amish. I’ve always had a dream of going back to Indiana to live for awhile and do a photo project on them. I have relatives that know a lot of Amish. Now, I don’t know if that will ever happen. I have other dreams to fulfill too. The weather in Indiana was a little cool for me. I’m glad I had a coat and gloves to wear. I’m happy that I’m back in Arizona again with the great, warm weather. The mornings are starting to get a little cooler here and are really nice for my early morning walks.


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