Cuba on my mind

By gregebersole

October 21, 2015

Category: Travel

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I’ve spent a lot of time lately looking at my slides and color negatives from my first trip to Cuba which was in 1993. This photo was taken of a Cuban player and I high fiving each other after playing in a basketball game on the street in Havana. I’m sure our team won, but I don’t remember. Ha! Anyway, I was sweating a lot in the hot, humid Havana weather. It was fun though to play with these guys. On this trip, I don’t plan on any more basketball games. I’ll leave that to the guys a lot younger than me.

My photos from that first trip are interesting to look at again. I don’t like a lot of them. I think my experiences of photographing in Colombia will help me a lot in my next trip to Havana. I hope to engage people more closely and get better photos showing their personality and character more dynamically. I love to photograph people and I hope to take a lot of meaningful and interesting photos. I’m spending a lot of time reading up on Cuba and making notes of places of interest that I want to visit and hang out in. Yesterday, I booked lodging for two nights in a casa particular in old Havana. A man will be waiting at the airport for me with transportation. The charge is the same as if I would have looked for transportation on my own after my arrival. The room in the house will cost me 30 CUC a night, or $30. The average for a room in a house, or casa particular, is $25 or $30. I want to check the location and place and see if I want to keep it or find something else I might like better or in a better location.

Also, yesterday, I received the great Cuba photo book that I had ordered from Peter Turnley. I loved looking at his photos and how he captured the spirit of the people. The photos are great inspiration for me as I think about my upcoming trip. On Nov. 13, Turnley will be having an opening of his major photo exhibition at the Museo de Bellas Artes in centro Havana of his photos from all over the world. I will be there for the opening night to meet him and see his large mounted photos. It should be a great and exciting night.


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