Getting ready

By gregebersole

October 29, 2015

Category: Travel

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A week from this coming Saturday, I leave for Cuba. I’m getting things ready for the trip. This will be the first time that I have traveled in over 20 years without my trusty backpack. I have traveled all over the world with that pack. Only once or twice, I may have had to check it. I always walked on the plane with it, using one shoulder to carry it. I always could fit it into the overhead bin. It was pretty heavy, but never was it weighed. On this trip, it will be too heavy and large for a carry on bag on the smaller plane flying in to Havana. I am allowed a checked bag of up to 50 lbs. I won’t be carrying nearly that much, mostly clothes and an extra pair of shoes for dress, but it makes sense to use the bag with wheels that I bought in Colombia. I will carry my laptop and my large Canon camera and lens in my small daypack as a carry on. I’m taking my larger Canon SLR camera, but also my two small Canon S-95 point and shoot cameras. One had quit working and I had to buy another one. Then recently, all of a sudden, the not working one started working again. I’m puzzled about that, but will take both so I have a backup. I will probably use the small camera a lot. I like working crowds and places abroad with that camera. I’m less conspicuous when I’m photographing.

I’m really anxious to get abroad again. I miss living in Colombia, but this will be an exciting trip for me. I can’t wait to have to rely on my Spanish again. I hope that I’m not getting rusty and out of practice.

The photo of the young girl was taken on my first trip to Cuba in 1993. I found this small print while going through a box full of photos from that trip.  I photographed the print so the quality isn’t real good. I can’t wait to get a scanner so I can scan slides and negatives to digital files.


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