By gregebersole

November 6, 2015

Category: Travel

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Tomorrow, I fly to Mexico City, and then to Cuba on Sunday morning. I’m packed and my suitcase isn’t completely full, nor heavy. I’m carrying only a small day pack on the plane, with my laptop, large camera and telephoto lenses and a few small misc. items. I’m taking three pairs of girls ballet shoes to give to a ballet dance academy. I heard they always need things and good shoes are hard to get. I would like to take some photos there of the girls practicing. I also printed up a few photos of my mural painter friend, Salvador, to give to him. I want to invite him to the Thursday evening opening of Peter Turnley’s photo exhibition at the Museo de Bellas Artes. I’m excited about being in Havana soon and to start getting some good new photos. I have a room reserved in a house for the first two nights. It’s on the 7th floor and has some great views of the city. If I like the place and the location, I will try to bargain them down a little and stay longer. It’s $30 a night, but most rooms in the houses (casas particulares) cost $25, some even $20. It’s a couple of blocks from a good salsa dance school. I’m tempted to take a few classes too. I don’t know how the wifi opportunities will be, but, hopefully, I will be able to connect occasionally.

This photo was taken on my first trip in 1993. The guy is detailing the tires of his Ford. I wonder if he still has that Ford and can drive it.


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