15 days in Havana

By gregebersole

November 29, 2015

Category: Travel

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My Cuba trip was a success and a lot of fun! I got back really late Tuesday night. My flight out of Mexico City was delayed over 2 hours and I missed my connection to Phoenix, Az. in Santa Ana, Ca. Luckily, there was a later flight which I barely made. After going through customs, re checking my bag and clearing inspection, I ran to the gate with my shoe strings untied. I was the last passenger on board and they quickly closed the door behind me. It was a short 1 hour flight to Phoenix where, upon landing, I soon realized my suitcase wasn’t on the plane. They brought it to my house on Wednesday afternoon.

A month before my trip, I had booked and paid for with my credit card, a round trip flight to Mexico City, and, also, a round trip flight from Mexico City to Havana. All from my laptop in my Mesa, Az. living room. Very easy. I didn’t want to go with an organized tour. I couldn’t afford it and didn’t want my days planned. I went my way so I could go cheaply and stay in the cheaper homes, or casas particulares, in Havana and to be able to do what I wanted to each day, which was to take photos. I bought the Cuba tourist card at the airport in Mexico City for $20 or $25, I think. The Cuban officials didn’t stamp my passport, only the card. Coming back to the US, I was filling out my customs declaration card and saw the line where you were supposed to list all countries visited. I though about not mentioning Cuba, but then decided to be honest and list it. What were they going to do? Lecture me and put me in jail. I would think not. At the entry desk in the Santa Ana airport, the woman asked me how long I was in Cuba. I said about 2 weeks and that I had taken some ballet shoes to a Havana ballet academy and did the Havana half marathon. She said, “very cool.” Welcome back. I was through in less than a minute. The Mexico part of the trip was staying in the Mexico City airport. I slept on the floor there and explored it thoroughly, both before leaving for Cuba and after returning from there. Now, I’m thinking it would be fun to go back to Cuba again next year.

I haven’t done any posts for awhile. Now, I plan to post a few regular ones, focusing on something from my trip and people that I met.

The photo above is a man fishing along the Havana Malecón, bust using a line.


One Response to “15 days in Havana”

  1. What an awesome trip – glad you are back safely!

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