My photography

By gregebersole

January 21, 2016

Category: Travel

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My photography has changed through the years. Not a lot though. As a kid, I used a Brownie, then later, a series of different cameras. I took photos of parades, family members and landscapes from various trips. In college, I majored in art. I specialized in ceramics, painting and photography. In my photography, I experimented with solarization and various other artsy photo techniques. I slightly solarized the photo of me shown above. Even in college, on a trip to Mexico, I came back with many photographs of people. They were probably done from a distance with a telephoto lens. Now, I’m usually using a wide angle lens and I’m very close to my subjects. After college, I volunteered in Guatemala after an earthquake. I helped with reconstruction projects in two Maya Indian villages. I brought back lots of photos, mainly portraits, of my Mayan friends in the villages. Later on, when I worked for newspapers, I mainly photographed people. I did some food and landscape photography, but mainly it was people, whether in news, sports, portraits or documentary style photos. I learned how to approach all types of people, quickly establishing rapport, and soon, friendships with them. I was able to get the type of photos I wanted, those that showed the personality of the people photographed. Often, I was lucky and able to spend extended periods of time with my subjects. I could photograph then in various situations and moods in their day to day life. I loved doing these assignments. I love getting close to people, both literally and figuratively, and getting a good portrait of them. During my newspaper years, I traveled abroad often, coming back with some scenic shots, but mostly, photos with people. I like getting a good scenic photo, but, it is better if it has a person in it. I enjoyed learning to approach people in many different countries and cultures, and making contact with them and getting good photos. This spring, I plan to do something new for me. I plan to have a photo workshop in Cali, Colombia. I hope to teach a group of 5 or 6 people how to do street and people photography. The 5 day workshop will be sandwiched in between days of tours in Cali. It will be fun and an adventure for all of us, I’m sure. Besides photography, the week will probably include some salsa dancing.


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