Downtown Phoenix

By gregebersole

January 26, 2016

Category: Travel

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Last Saturday, I rode the light rail from Mesa to downtown Phoenix. It took me about an hour. Even though it was a slow trip, I enjoyed it. Also, it was interesting to see the people that rode it. There was a good variety of ages and types of people. It was also pretty cheap to ride. I was glad I didn’t have to drive and look for parking places for my car. The purpose of my trip was to go downtown and walk around, doing some street photography and taking photos of people. I found that downtown Phoenix isn’t very good for that. It’s so spread out and there weren’t that many people walking around. I ended up with a lot of photos of graffiti on buildings and photos of only about 4 or 5 people. At one point, I saw a woman taking photos of two girls in a small park. After awhile, they were near a wall with a mural on it. I went over and asked the woman if I could get a photo of the two girls in front of the mural. She said okay. The girls were too far apart so I ended up taking just two photos of this little girl. Then, the woman said she thought that was enough. So I thanked her and left. Luckily, the first photo turned out really nice. I like the girl’s expression. I think it was a gift to me for a frustrating day of photography. Sometimes, you just don’t end up with a lot of photos that you really like for one reason or the other. One of the reasons that I decided to give myself this assignment to go downtown and photograph people is because in May, I plan to lead a photo workshop in Cali, Colombia. I need to get back in practice. My past trip to Cuba, however, gave me a lot of experience in street and people photography. I really enjoyed it. Knowing Spanish really helped me there, as well as in Colombia.


One Response to “Downtown Phoenix”

  1. Beautiful photo, Greg! She has a fun expression and I love the bright colors behind her.

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