The countdown!

By gregebersole

March 12, 2016

Category: Travel

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I’m starting my countdown until I leave here for Colombia. I leave April 1st. I’m really anxious to get back and see friends, walk around Cali and hike up Las Tres Cruces again. I will only be there 2 months, but that’s okay. I’ve started to look for things I need to pack, like my Colombia cell phone. Found that yesterday in a box in storage so that’s a relief. I will also be glad to get out of the US for awhile. I’m a little tired and worn out listening to all the noise and stuff about the upcoming elections. I’ve listened to some of the debates, or, in the case of the Republicans, “yelling and belittling matches.” The Republicans frighten me with their ideas. Clinton or Sanders isn’t the best alternative, but a lot better, in my view. I really admire Obama. He has done a lot as President and tried to do even more. Congress has been against almost everything he has tried to push for. I haven’t always agreed with some things he’s done, but overall, I think he has done pretty well. I’m anxious to live in my old Cali neighborhood again. I miss the noise and all the little places to get something to eat on the street. My neighborhood in Mesa is pretty tame and quiet, in comparison. And, it’s a mile or more to find a place to eat or sit down with a coffee and read the newspaper. I also get bored pretty easily here. I’m thankful that my son and his family live nearby so I can see them often and play with my two grandsons. Since I’m a newcomer here, I have few friends. I’m not sure where I would meet people that I have a lot in common with or would make good friends.

The other day I rode 10 miles roundtrip from my home to a hiking and biking trail in the Usery Mountain Regional Park. Just as I began to ride in from the entrance, a woman hiker was coming out. She warned me about a rattlesnake on the path about 200 yards to the right. I decided to go left instead. I had a nice ride. It was the first time that I had had my mountain bike on a trail in about 7 years or more. I’d never ridden in the desert, though, with lots of cactus and hard, rocky ground. I did pretty well and didn’t crash. By the time I got home, however, my rear end was hurting. Next time, I will remember to wear my black padded biking shorts that I bought in Colombia. They have the word, Colombia, on the leg and look nice. But, most of all, the padding will really help to make a more comfortable ride. The photo above shows the area, with the trail in the center, where I rode. It was fun and I plan to do it again soon.


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