Tres Cruces

By gregebersole

April 26, 2016

Category: Travel

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I’ve only been in Cali for 3 weeks, but it seems like a long time. Sometimes, I think that I should have just planned to stay here for a month, instead of two. I have a lot more free time on my hands and it’s hard to know what to do with it. A part of my mornings are dedicated to working out in my gym. I’ve read two of the books that I brought already. I have one left. I’ve bought several movies on the street and watch one occasionally in the evenings. I often go to one of the malls and sit in Juan Valdez with my coffee and do some work on my laptop. Sometimes, I watch soccer games there on the big screen tv if Barcelona is playing. I’m hoping to get to Siloé more often. So far, I’ve only been there once. Sometimes, rain gets in the way. I was going to go early this morning, but it rained hard all night and didn’t stop until about 9 a.m. My friend, Pichi, doesn’t have soccer practice with his kids’ teams if it rains. In past years, I spent a lot of time photographing, editing and getting photos ready for the two exhibitions I had. With a short stay here, I can’t focus on a project, other than more photos in Siloé. I still haven’t seen too many of my friends here. I’m thankful for the efforts of Javier, Natalia and Liceth in planning some things for us to do together. Javier and I played basketball one evening. I escaped with only a minor injury to my leg. I pulled a muscle when I tried to pivot quickly. The next day, I was in pain when I climbed or went down stairs. Liceth and I are planning a trip to one of Colombia’s nearby attractions for May. Several days ago, we celebrated her birthday at Crepes and Waffles, a great restaurant with mostly fantastic and fancy ice cream dishes. Hopefully, I can find more things to do in the next month. And, to do more photography.

I climbed Las Tres Cruces only twice so far. The first time was really hard for me. The humidity was about 70% and I was wiping sweat off my face and out of my eyes constantly. In places, the trail had washed away from past rains and the new area was a little smooth and slippery, even when dry. I made it up in 42 minutes, not even close to my great times of 30 minutes from last year. I was so worn out that I didn’t climb again for two weeks. The second attempt was a little better. I shaved off 4 minutes and did it in 38 minutes. I may be able to go again in less than two weeks. We’ll see. I do still enjoy the climb and the fresh juice at the top. The photo of me is from the first climb at the top.


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