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By gregebersole

May 6, 2016

Category: Travel

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I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Siloé lately. I enjoy going. I’m always hoping to get at least one good photo. Often, on a visit, I get several. I enjoy watching my friend, Pichi, coach the young kids in soccer. I enjoy going up the hill, either by motorcycle to Los Posos, or by the metro cable to Lleras. I’m always reminded of how dangerous it is there. Last Saturday, Pichi introduced me to someone . We all talked awhile, and then later, when Pichi and I were walking away together, he told me that the guy is a killer. Other people have told me that killing is a job for some young men. I always believe Pichi. He has no reason to lie to me. He always tells me when there was a murder in Siloé somewhere. Often, he knows the victim. Pichi always amazes me. He seems to be on good and friendly terms with everyone, the good and the bad. He really knows how to walk through the minefield that is Siloé. I’m so glad that I found him and he was able to help me so much in getting access and being able to get the photos that I want. He has been invaluable and, also, became a great friend. I asked him if he feels any danger. He said no, but, he does worry about his daughter when she’s outside somewhere, always with the possibility of bullets flying overhead or nearby. I know my safety in Siloé has been a result of our friendship and that he has introduced me to so many people. I am pretty well known in several areas and I know that people are looking out for me. I am very thankful for that.

I have only 4 more weeks in Cali. I will be ready to get back to Arizona. It’s different being in Colombia this time since I have an empty home waiting for me. Always before, my home in the US had been rented out and I had nowhere to live. Now, I miss my bike, my books, my music, being able to cook some food, sleeping on a good mattress on a good bed, etc. I hope the rest of my time will go fast and be enjoyable. Liceth and I plan to keep doing a few things together. In a week, we plan to go to San Cipriano. I’ve never been there, but it’s a popular place to go with Caleños and visitors.

In the photo above, I am photographed with some of my friends in Lleras on a recent day. My friend, Pichi, is the third from the right.


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