Another birthday in Cali

By gregebersole

May 27, 2016

Category: Travel

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Monday, I celebrated another birthday in Cali. I’ve had several here. I started the day with an early morning climb up Las Tres Cruces. It was a nice day, but hot. As usual, I was sweating constantly and stopping to dry off my face, and eyes, especially. I didn’t make it in less time than the last. It took me 37 minutes again. Last year, regularly, I was climbing it in 30 minutes. Oh well, I enjoyed my usual treat at the top- una torta de zanahoria and jugo de zanahoria con naranja. The selfie was taken on top of a large boulder on the way down, showing Cali in the background.

Sunday evening, my friend, Liceth, wanted to meet me at the park in Alameda. I showed up and she was waiting outside a car. Inside were Juan Carlos, an old friend who taught in Bocas de Palo a few years ago, with his mother. We went out to get something to eat and to visit. Then, Monday afternoon, my friends, Javier and Yenny, came by and took me to get something to eat. Wednesday evening, my friend, Dilia, met me at Cosmocentro and we walked to Crepes and Waffles. She treated me to a delicious crepe with coffee ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and other good things. Then after we had finished, the waitress brought me a waffle covered with arequipe and Feliz Cumpleaños greetings written around the plate in chocolate syrup. Dilia has moved back to Cali from Bogota and it was nice to see and visit with her again. She has been a good friend for most of the time that I have lived in Cali. This evening, I’m invited over to Natalia’s home. The birthday celebration extends all week. That’s the way we roll in Colombia, especially in Cali.


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