Seeing friends

By gregebersole

June 13, 2016

Category: Travel

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Before I left Cali, I visited several good friends, including Marlen and her sons. She was my Spanish teacher at the University of Santiago. I was in her classes for three semesters. She really improved my level of Spanish. I wish I could have studied more, but I’d taken all the classes the school offered. She became a good friend. I really liked her and enjoyed the times I spent with her and the times our classes went to her finca for the end of the semester meals. I hadn’t seen her for a long time. So, I met her at the university and we went to her new apartment and had a long visit. Her sons have grown up so much in the six years that I lived in Cali. It was great to see them again and her apartment with the incredible views of Cali from the 12th floor.

Now, I’ve been in Arizona for a short time and plan to drive to Colorado early Wednesday morning. The Miata is ready with four new tires. Those were not cheap either, unfortunately. In Colorado, I will be house and dog sitting for my brother for awhile, visiting friends and relatives and, hopefully, hiking some. I will probably stay about a month, then return to Mesa for the hottest part of the year. Ha! I hope to find a part time job to make some money quickly and build up my bank account so I have money again for traveling.

It’s been nice to be back in Mesa, in my home, and to be able to spend time again with my son and his family.


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