Greg Ebersole is a photojournalist who has lived in Longview, Wa., close to Portland, Oregon for 21 years. He now considers Cali, Colombia, home. He has traveled in more than 40 countries. Besides work for newspapers, he has worked with various NGOs and medical relief teams. His photos have appeared in various publications and have been featured in many shows and exhibits. His photos have consistently won awards. He is addicted to and passionate about traveling abroad.

15 Responses to “About”

  1. Gary copied me on your note to him. God Bless you in all your new ventures. I’ll pray that your house will sell quickly. I also shoot with Canon 40d. Nice camera, although sometimes I wonder if I want to get into a 5d. I guess all photographers have G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome)

  2. Hi Greg,

    Very nice photos and website. The photos make me wish that I could walk into the scene and be there. Maybe Jean and I (and Gunnar and ???) will actually go to South America. Someday. . .

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the Penner’s cider squeeze and talking with you about living abroad. Meeting someone who has ‘been there and done that’ gives me confidence.

    Please keep us in mind if you decide to travel to Argentina. We would love to meet you there.

    Good luck and happy travels,

    Paul, Jean and Gunnar

  3. I love your pictures..amazing shots..
    I see mycountry more beautiful through the lens of your camera


  4. Cathy Z sent me the link to your website tonight and I’ve been looking through your photos. It’s been fun for me. Having grown up in southern CA, I really appreciate the colors I associate with that and points south. I have another photographer friend who is shooting in black and white who sends me a photo each week…very different from yours! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to wish you well on this next installment of your life’s journey so I’ll do it now. Gail

  5. Hey Greg, Seems you are doing very well in your traveling adventures in Cali. I was telling Adriana the other day that sometimes there is nothing really worth to see in Facebook since most of it is non-sense stuff from people. Let me tell you that when we see your blogs it really makes a difference because you are actually writing something interesting about your whereabouts.
    We hope to see you soon in PDX…
    Keep in touch!!! Diego & Adriana

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments. I often think I’m blabbering too much about what I’m doing. I’m trying to give information and insights in what it’s like for an American or foreigner to just up and move to another country and make a new life there. I like to write about the people I meet and the friends I make also. Now, my life is getting so busy, I often wonder what I’m going to put on my site each day.

  7. Greg, you are an inspiration to us all. Enjoy your travels, keep shooting and keep sharing your passion.

  8. Thanks, Dave. Have a great trip to Africa. I may be going back to Uganda in June.

  9. Hi Greg,
    Sorry to hear of Richie’s passing. As you know, I was a loyal fan. I have a fantastic photo of him on the drums that I purchased from you and I don’t think you have that neg anymore, so if you’d like I can give you a copy of my copy (or however that works).
    Glad you are happy in Cali and I will be following your adventures.
    I might be making it down to Ecuador in a few months, so maybe we can catch up on old times and great concerts we attended.
    Whatever happened to your old Honda? I remember seeing you driving it on I-5 south of Olympia on your way to the same concert I was going to at the Gorge at George. We stayed in touch via telephone on the way over and had breakfast on top of the pass. Good times.

  10. Thanks, Paloma. I think I should have the photo or neg somewhere in my stuff in a storage unit in Longview. Where in Ecuador? I gave the Honda to the Kelso High auto shop. Hopefully, some kid has fixed it up and is driving it to school and putting on the next 100,000 miles. I had it to about 414,000 or so.

  11. Hi,
    I’m looking at maybe Canoa / Pedernales. I’m scouting for a house / condo to live in after we retire.
    Jim retired from his job, so I’ve got him working for me. I started a taxi business (also a shuttle business that serves the Ports and ships on the Columbia).
    I’m told the north coast of Ecuador is a good spot for expats. I don’t want to buy an “American” house and all it entails (like price). Egypt is too hot in the summer, so we need a cooler location too.
    Any and all ideas are welcome, we’re not stuck on Ecuador alone.
    did you make it back to Uganda?

  12. Greg. Te felicito mucho por este blog, las fotos son increibles y los textos muy sinceros y informativos. !Y ahora ya puedes hacerlo en espanol también! Missing our clases…

  13. This message is for Greg:
    You are taking a lot of pictures about Cali, the city I was born and lived for so many years. I am rediscovering this place in every shot I see. It is magic! Thanks for that.

  14. Nice to meet you Greg!!

    Me gusta mucho tu blog, tienes unas fotos interesantes y bellas y lo mejor es que estan acompañadas de una buena historia que les da mas sentido aun!

  15. Greg, A voice from the past. Kevin Beebe gave me your contact info. I’ve often wondered what you’ve been up to. I like your shots and your involvement with the people. Let me know if you have a website or email.

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